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AIMFLOW Pte. Ltd. has developed a reputation in Singapore for being a main provider of quality plumbing and drain services. We are an all-inclusive company that can successfully perform any task you have. Finding a company that has that kind of longevity and still lives up to its reputation is rare, but this is what makes us stand out from the rest.

At AIMFLOW, we have a commitment to deliver excellent services to our customers in a timely manner and at affordable rates. We place great emphasis on our customers and their overall satisfaction. We never leave a home in disarray or a customer disappointed. This attitude has served us well and has helped spread the good name of Aimflow Pte. Ltd. throughout Singapore.


Aimflow is the best option for you. Being on the field for years, Aimflow has varied experiences and much knowledge to solve your blockage services.


We are a team of skilled professionals that takes pride in its honesty, dependability and cost-effectiveness.


Operating 24 hours a day 7 days a week, we are equipped to service contracts requiring a ‘stand by’ facility.

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About Aimpest

Aimpest Management Pte. Ltd. is a prominent, affordable and reliable Pest Control Company in Singapore, which does services on residential, commercial, and industrial clients. It is our commitment to protect your properties and investments from pests. We assure you that we use only safe, odorless and environment friendly chemicals. All our pest control technicians are NEA certified and equipped with a good health of practical experience.


Aimpest has maintained an impeccable customer service record; offering unrivalled pest control service. Our various pest services and extermination, available for commercial or residential properties is what sets us apart from the rest.


We pride ourselves on our safe and effective pest control service and continue to apply these standards to every job we do. With knowledgeable staff, Aimpest is the experts in the pest-industry- providing a range of pest services.


Environment and health protection is also our concern when we are exterminating pests. Our carefully chosen products, together with our application system are designed not to cause bad effects to health particularly to children and pets.

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Our Services


Our comprehensive range of high pressure water jetting services provides remedial and preventive cleaning of drainage and sewerage pipeline sytems.

Our high pressure water jetting unit can be blasted and utilized at pressures of 1,000psi to 20,000 psi for removal of debris, grease, concrete and etc that is clogging up your sewer or pipelines.


We possess the right equipment and the right professionals to carry out any vacuum truck services.

The deployment of our vacuum tankers operated by our team of professionals enables us to desilt and remove any liquids or semi liquids by pumping it out from sump pits, septic tanks, divertors, ejector tanks and grease interceptors.


With our team of skilled professionals supervised by a licensed plumber, we have been able to offer various services related to your domestic water tanks.

We provide various services such as cleaning, sterilizing, inspection, certification, installation and repair works for your domestic water tanks.


Our Electro-Mechanical Rodding equipments which are fitted with blades or cutters allows us to employ our EM’s inside properties where the use of water jetting is highly inappropriate without the need to dismantle any pipes.


We provide plumbing and sanitary services such as installation, repairing and maintenance works on various types of both residential and industrial sanitary installations.


With your pipeline being inspected by our flexible fiber optic cable with a specially designed high-resolution video camera on its tip, you are able to ensure the integrity of your pipelines.

With the real-time visual inspection of your sewer line, we are able to reduce any property damages by inspecting and locating any type of flow problems such as grease and other objects which are restricting the flow of your pipes.


In our war against mosquitoes and other flying insects, we have the right equipment and chemicals to combat them.

Our equipments enables us to detect/monitor adult mosquito activity and provide instantaneous analysis respectively.

With our light weight Thermal Fog Generators which are designed for use with insecticides, acaricides, fungicides, we are able to effectively fog areas where poor road or tracks makes it difficult or inaccessible.

Our reliable ULV Cold Fogger on the other hand enables us combat these flying insects in places where the use of a fogger is inappropriate. Field of application of our ULV Cold Fogger: catering trade, food industry, workplaces, storage warehouses and etc.

Also, our use of Abate in larval control enables us to exterminate mosquito larvae before the adults are capable of reproduction which in turn prevents new generations of disease-carrying insects from developing.


Rodents are not only a nuisance but it can also transmit diseases and cause property damage.

Our DETEX non-toxic monitoring bait allows us to monitor, track rodent activities and also identify their harbourage areas. It can also be used as a pre-bating tool to ensure quick acceptance of rodenticide when being used as a pre-bait.

By deploying other techniques and equipment such as strategic placing of rodent traps and DeTour for Rodents gels, we are able to carry out both the pre and post treatment rodent control effectively.


If you are facing these signs and symptoms,

-Red marks resulting from bites

-Blood smeared on bed sheets and molts

-Black spots can be seen at side of mattress, skirtings and etc

then your place might be infested with bed-bugs and it’s about time you find a treatment for it.

At Aimpest, we do residual spaying of approved pesticides at areas such as your skirting, sleeves area, bed frames, bed frames joints and all other necessary area. We also do steaming of surfaces such as your mattresses and sofas at heat up to 180 degree Celsius.


At Aimpest, a thorough inspection or monitoring of cockroaches at your place will done first so that it can assist us in planning for the most effective cockroach management program. By doing so, it provides us information on how severe the infestation is and to also locate the infested areas.

With our reliable sprayer equipped with chemicals (flush out and residual), we are then able to carry out spraying at strategic areas. Strategic placing of Cockroach gel also helps us ”attack” the breeding ground of these cockroaches.


At Aimpest, we provide both pre and post construction anti-termite services.

Having a good foundation is always good. Therefore at Aimpest, we are able to offer you the pre-construction anti-termite soil-treatment service. By placing/injecting/praying liquid pesticide, a termiticide into the soil prior to the building construction, it creates a chemical barrier underneath the soon to be built house or building.

However it isn’t practical for a built-up house or a building to be teared down just to carry out the soil-treatment service right? Not to worry because with our TERMI-Tool, we are able to inject anti-termite chemical by coring/drilling at intervals surrounding of house or buildings. The holes will then be covered up with concrete and waterproofing cement.

Strategic placing of our Termite Baits plays an important role too in exterminating the source of the termites. This is an above ground treatment where it feeds on active termites.


For any other general pests that are not stated here, do not hesitate to drop us a call to enquire at +65 6286 9410.

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